Get ministry insights and ideas from the best business and leadership books.

There are plenty of places to get book summaries. The Pastor’s Book Club brings high-quality notes but also ministry insights from world-class business books.

A New Business Book Each Month

Ministry Insights can come from anywhere, and business books are an untapped source of wisdom.

Pastors and church leaders are often well versed in Bible-study, Theology and Ministry but are often ill-equipped to lead a business or organization. That’s why the Pastor’s Book Club focuses on bringing the best ministry insights from world-class business leaders.  

Necessary Endings

By Dr. Henry Cloud


By Dan Heath

Radical Candor

By Kim Scott


By Mike Michaelowicz

The Catalyst

By Jonah Berger

Blue Ocean Strategy

By W. Chan Kim | Renée Mauborgne

Playing to Win

By A.G. Lafley | Roger L. Martin

Creativity, Inc.

By Ed Cathull

Competing Against Luck

By Clayton M. Christensen

Thinking in Bets

By Annie Duke

The Captain Class

By Sam Walker

The Advantage

By Patrick Lencioni

Steward your time.
Grow as a leader.
Lead others.


The Pastor’s Book Club brings you a written summary of the best business and leadership books. But you’ll get more than the typical summary … we will unpack ministry applications and insights, laying out clear action steps you can take in your church. It’s perfect for personal growth and team development. And it’s all just $79/year.

Book Breakdowns

Well-organized notes that summarize the main ideas of each chapters.

Each month, we will provide robust but succinct notes from the best business and leadership books on the market. No fluff … just the main ideas and key concepts ready for you to apply to your church or ministry.

Ministry Insights

Practical application specifically for churches and ministries.

There are plenty of places to get book summaries and reading plans. Here’s what makes this better: In addition to high quality notes, you’ll get a video each month breaking down ministry insights specifically for your church. We will help you apply the business principles from these books to your unique ministry setting.

Group Discussions

Roundtable-style discussions, live then archived.

For those wanting an even deeper dive, join us for a live round-table discussion. We will also record these so you can watch later. It’s a deep dive into the book’s key concepts and a great way to take action.

“Helpful to any size church.”

For all of the theology and deeper understanding of Scriptures, it is appalling how ill-prepared people are for the business side of church life. You are providing something that most seminaries and training materials lack and it would be helpful to any church of any size in any denomination.

Pastor Micah, Faith Baptist Church

This product is AMAZING!!!

I love everything about it – the concept, the PDF done-for-you notes, the coaching videos, and the way you give suggestions for applications at the church level.  This is a gift to pastors and their leadership.

Brian Dodd


The Pastor’s Book Club brings you the best notes, ministry insights and book discussions on popular leadership books.

There are several places to buy summaries and recaps. This is the only program that brings you great notes but also ministry insights, helping you apply leadership books to your specific ministry setting.

How much does it cost?

The Pastor’s Book club is normally $99 for a full year, but for a limited time, we’re giving $20 off. You’ll get every summary, every ministry insight video, and an invite to every discussion.

Why business books?

These are untapped resources from great leaders and thinkers and might be under represented in your ministry library. Great leaders learn from anyone and everyone.

How do I access the resources?

Once you join, you will get a login and password to a private member’s site where you can access all of the resources. We’ll also email you direct links to everything. You can view online or download and save to your computer.

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. A membership is good for a full calendar year.

Can I access past resources?

When you join, you’ll have access to the book released that month, plus all the books released in the next 12 months. If you’d like to access past volumes, those are available for sale.

How often is new content released?

We release a new breakdown and ministry insight video each month.

Only $79 for a Full Year

The Pastor’s Book Club is normally $99 for a year, but we’re offering $20 off for the next few days. You’ll get all the book breakdowns and ministry insights videos and you’ll be invited to every discussion.  

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, just contact us within 30 days of joining and we will cancel your account and send you a full refund.

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